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Dental 101 Videos

These YouTube videos are for those who have never been to the dentist and are interested in learning about what happens during an oral exam.

CBS News dentistry 101

This health and wellness segment between Dr. Jennifer Ashton and her New Jersey dentist, Dr. Patricia Desalvo demystify the common dental exam. This video will alleviate your fear and answer your questions. Desalvo explains common problems, the proper way to floss, good dental products as well as the benefits of having a healthy mouth.

Dental advice: how to clean teeth with dental tools

In this short video a dentist from Tennessee shows the tools used in a typical dental exam, a scaler and prophy cup. He demonstrates how each is used.

Dental health & gum disease: how plaque is detected

This short clip from a dentist in Florida explains how to detect plaque. Plaque is the beginning sign for gum disease, a very serious problem. He explains the importance of detecting plaque and getting treatment.

CBS Dentist – Wisconsin woman without insurance

An informative video about Wisconsin families without dental insurance. The state of Wisconsin gave a free visit to the dentist at a Lacrosse convention center, where thousands lined up to get a checkup. The video touches a serious point, dental care is important to overall health.

Securing dental insurance is important to obtaining preventive care. Good oral health is important to overall health, and it is known that those with dental insurance are more likely to see a dentist regularly. For more information about finding a dental plan, click here.

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