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Affordable Dental Care, Learn How To Save On Next Dental Visit

Regular trips to the dentist are important to the oral health of everyone, from young children to baby boomers. An office visit allows the dentist to look for signs of decay and other problems, provides you with an opportunity to discuss concerns, and serves as a time for a thorough professional cleaning.

Out of pocket, even preventive services can add up—especially if you have a large family.

The breakdown on a typical visit looks something like this:

$82 for the dental examination

$150 for dental cleaning

Up to $170 for X-rays to see about abnormal bone growth and cavities

Fortunately, dental insurance can help mitigate the cost of these biannual visits as well as any additional care you need—from chipping a tooth to an unexpected root canal or orthodontia care for your preteen. Dental insurance plans for individuals and families can cover much of the cost, depending on the coverage you select and monthly premiums you want to pay.

Dental plans can be built around consumer needs, so make you select a plan that’s right for you. For example, if you have children of braces-wearing ages, you can add orthodontia care to a plan to better prepare for the cost braces can incur. It can make a substantial difference in the long run if you shop smart.

Preventive care is important to maintaining healthy teeth throughout a lifetime, and studies show that dental insurance is a primary factor in access to dental care.

To search for average costs of services in your area, visit the Healthcare Blue Book. For more tips on shopping for dental insurance, read “Purchasing the Perfect Plan.”

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